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Sulfamic Acid

White orthorhombic crystal.

Nonvolatile, nonhygroscopic,smell-less.

High stability at normal tenperature and can maintain original quality for several years.

Freely soluble in water and liquid ammonia,strongly acidic in water solution.

Slightly soluble in methanol,insolublein ethanol and ether.

Characteristics of double funcitional group of amidogen and sulphonic radical, may go on chemical reaction with many matters.

Melting point is 205℃,decomposing temperature is 209℃.

CAS NO:5329-14-6

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Sulfamic Acid Application

1. Detergent: Sulfamic acid cleaning agent can be used to clean boilers, condensers, heat exchangers, jackets and chemical pipelines.

2. Textile industry: Sulfamic acid can be used as a remover in the dye industry and a fixing agent for textile dyeing.

3. Paper industry : Sulfamic acid can be used as a bleaching aid to improve the strength and whiteness of pulp.

4. Petroleum industry: Sulfamic acid can be used to clear the blockage of the oil layer.

5. Electroplating solution: Sulfamic acid is commonly used when electroplating gold or alloy.

Technical Index:HG/T 2527-2011